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From wood to great

Whether starting with architect’s drawings, a rough sketch, or just your instinct for how you want a space to function and look, we will work closely with you to come up with the ideal design and layout for your project.


Working with Us

Our typical process after receiving an inquiry by email or phone is to gather some specifics of your proposed project. With the info you provide –rough dimensions, descriptions, pictures, sketches, etc.– we can come up with a fairly accurate quote for the project. ​As a first step. this can be a great timesaver as it will establish whether we are on the same page with your budget. 


Projects we take on typically start at 5K and up. 

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If you are comfortable with the initial cost estimate, the project can be confirmed to our schedule with a deposit -typically 10%.​


We will then set up a time to meet at the space and talk further about details. Depending on when your project fits into our construction schedule this meeting may happen immediately or it might be within a few weeks.  

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After the in-person meeting, we will begin working on project drawings that can be fine-tuned to your exact specifications. This is typically a back-and-forth process that can be fairly quick or may take some time depending on your response time to any questions and ideas that come up;


If you need time to digest, that is fine. We will work very closely with you on this to be sure that all details are as you want them.



When you have OK’d the drawings we then move to the 

construction phase when the actual building begins. The timing of this will depend on when your project was confirmed and where it falls in the construction schedule. Typical lead time is 6-8 weeks from project confirmation. The fabrication is done at our workshop in the Brooklyn Navy Yard.


At this point, we ask for a 50% payment to cover the costs of the purchase of materials and ongoing labor.



​Finally, we finish with the installation, which can take anywhere from one day for a smaller piece to 2 weeks or more for a sizable kitchen or multiple large pieces. Our typical installation is about 3 days for a large living room unit. During installs, we work hard to keep noise, dust, and disruption to a minimum for our clients. 

    The final payment is made after the cabinetry is fully installed and you have had a chance to confirm that it is in working order and all as it should be. 


Woodwork is a musical art



I grew up in a family of architects including my father, grandfather, older brother, 2 uncles, and 2 cousins, to name a few. I have been surrounded by designing and building since I was young. My father was always building functional things for the spaces we lived in. I remember being put to work shingling a house at the age of 10.

Before getting serious about woodwork, I spent a number of years making music; first as a performer and later composing and scoring for film projects. What I gravitate most to in music making has been songwriting and composition, which is a lot about building structure and problem-solving to create a seamless finished piece that feels like it ‘belongs’. These turn out to be the same things that I have found most interesting and challenging about woodwork.


I began fabricating built-in furniture pieces when I moved to New York City and wanted to customize various apartments, eventually gaining a lot of experience outfitting a raw loft space that my wife and I lived in for 5 years. Building walls, a bathroom, doors, kitchen cabinetry, closets, shelving, desks, beds and the like provided a huge amount of on-the-job training.


In 2004 I began taking on design and build projects starting with exterior deck building and then moving on to interiors. In 2006 Hub Woodworks began as a full time enterprise, moving into our shop space at the Brooklyn Navy Yard in 2009. 


The thing I most enjoy about this work is finding solutions that integrate function and beauty, and creating pieces that feel like they have always belonged in their space. I care about, even obsess over, details; and I build pieces to last.

Hub Moore

Founder and Principal

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