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Often the heart of a modern house, where a family and friends gather to cook, eat, and talk. Our work can fit seamlessly into existing architecture or be designed as part of a renovation.

hub_moore_shot_b_0320 2.jpg
Park Slope penthouse

Many features fit into this compact yet highly functional kitchen in rift white oak

Crown Heights 

Spacious kitchen built around a huge picture window

hub_moore_shot_D2_shot_d_0369 2.jpg
hub_moore_shot_D2_shot_c_0068 2.jpg
Jackson Heights 

An expansion of an existing kitchen into the adjacent room utilizing original butler's pantry and opening into the dining room  

Bed Stuy Brownstone

Light and airy kitchen featuring a huge island in the center housing stove, sink and dishwasher

KBA-Brooklyn-Brownstone_119 copy.jpg

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