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Crown Heights

This project involved a full kitchen renovation to a single story extension on the back of the house; the defining feature being a new 8' x 8' picture window providing incredible light and a visual  connection to the outdoors . The design called for clean, contemporary cabinetry housing various appliances lining both side walls. At the near end is a perpendicular peninsula allowing for a spacious and comfortable open area in the middle.

Project Details

The flush doors and panels, in a subtle off-white, help to reflect and maximize the abundantly available natural light. Some of the 'hidden' details include fridge/freezer, dishwasher, side-by-side wine fridges, and a tv on an extendable arm. 

Living with it

king dog IP*.jpg

The airy and tranquil feeling of the spacious kitchen has made it the go-to room in the house. "You have transformed the space; we are spending all of our time in the kitchen." say the owners. The family dog agrees.

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