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Jackson Heights

This project began when the owners of the apt -a family of four- needed to expand the size of their tight galley style kitchen. They chose to relocate it into a much larger adjacent room. A good amount of wall moving and re-jiggering of spaces was involved, the end result being a much larger and infinitely more usable kitchen space with both the  sink and adjacent upper cabinet angled to allow window access. As well as incorporating an existing butler's pantry into the layout, one main feature was to open the kitchen up to the dining room via a two-side accessed high glass door cabinet for dish and glassware.

Project Details

A satin white finish to the cabinetry keeps this semi-enclosed space feeling light and airy. The mix of framed and flat doors makes for a good blend of the old and new in this pre-war apartment.

Living with it

MT K bench*.jpg

The kitchen also includes a small window seat (with more storage within) 

which has become the perfect spot for the kids to sit and do homework while meals are being prepped. 

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