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The design for this fully renovated Bed-Stuy Brooklyn brownstone was by its architect/owner so there is a lot of interesting personal detail; the materials used in the open floor plan for the parlor kitchen/dining/living room were a mixture of natural birch for the shelving, gray-washed birch for the island, and large slabs of marble as countertop and wall panels creating a uniquely styled yet homey and relaxed feel.

Project Details

The layout of the kitchen was based around an 8' x 8' marble-topped island that contains all of the appliances (other than the fridge) on its four sides as well as integrated open shelving and closed storage. This layout allows for the perimeter of the space to be free of counters 

Living with it

SB closet CU

There is a nice continuity to the millwork in the house as various rooms reflect details from other rooms. The clean, modern cabinetry creates an open and spacious feeling to the spaces. The owners say the layout of the kitchen actually makes their food taste better.

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